When Cookie Cottage was in its beginning stages, we sought the advice of an organization called SCORE of Fort Wayne

"SCORE has been mentoring new and existing businesses for over 40 years and has a network of over 13,000 volunteers who donate their time to help entrepreneurs."

If you are starting or currently own a business, we highly recommend placing SCORE of Fort Wayne on your list of business resources.

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How SCORE Helped: 

Upon seeking the advice of the SCORE Organization, Cookie Cottage received invaluable guidance and support from our chosen mentor, Carsten Retrum. Over the years, Carsten has been an integral part of our professional growth and personal development. He has been an inspiration, a guiding light and our most steadfast supporter. Though Carsten has since retired from the organization, we are blessed to continue a priceless friendship with he and his family. We are truly grateful for the resources of the SCORE Organization and our most amazing friend Carsten.

Cookie Cottage